God is Kind to the Evil

A preacher from the past named G. Campbell Morgan once asked, “How would you like to live with somebody who is everlastingly grieving your heart by his conduct?”

I’m quite certain some probably do live with such an individual and others may have been wounded by someone in their past. Sadly, this world is filled with dysfunctional relationships. Even people in Bible times endured grief in their relationships as can be seen through Joseph’s life story recorded in Genesis. There’s no doubt the wounds inflicted by those harsh relationships are real and very painful.

But for just a moment, could I urge you to consider the dysfunctional relationship that exists between the wicked and God?

Psalm 10 vividly describes the abusive treatment God receives from, “the wicked.” Here’s a bit of a summation of the Psalm’s description:

  • Because he is proud, the wicked does not seek God out (Psalm 10:4).

  • God is not someone the wicked thinks of very often (Psalm 10:4).

  • He convinces himself that God has forgotten about all his evil deeds. In fact he’s convinced God will never see those deeds (Psalm 10:11).

How would you like to live with somebody who is everlastingly grieving your heart by his conduct?
— G. Campbell Morgan

And by the way…the deeds of the wicked are…well…wicked. For example, he proudly persecutes the poor and boasts that whatever his heart desires, his heart will have (Psalm 10:2-3). He puffs at his enemies and is arrogantly secure in himself, even declaring that he will never suffer adversity (Psalm 10:5-6).

Then there is the speech of the wicked. Psalm 10:7 says, “His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud: under his tongue is mischief and vanity.” And we haven’t mentioned the wicked person’s abuse of, “the innocent” and “the poor” (Psalm 10:8-10).

Now, I ask you, how quickly would you extend kindness to someone who completely ignored you, was arrogant, selfish, verbally abusive, and dishonest? Would you be quick to share your possessions with that type of individual? Wouldn’t you find it quite difficult? Perhaps you would feel it would be impossible.

But are you ready for this?! Jesus said God is kind to just such people. In Luke 6:35 He stated that God, “is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.” He blesses, “the evil…and…the unjust” with sunshine and rain.

You see, so many people are asking if God is so loving how come there’s so much suffering in the world? What I’m thinking about today is this; since mankind is so wicked why does God extend any kindness to us at all? I hope you’ll check back soon as I ponder the kindness of God a little more.